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Traditional quality

Chocolate-coated dragées are produced using a special, complex process. During the coating process, a centre, for instance a nut, is covered with a layer of chocolate. We start with the best quality nuts, subtropical fruits and other centres including liquorice and popcorn. Liquid chocolate is slowly added to the rotating coating vessel and is spread over the product. Cold air ensures that the chocolate solidifies and forms a thin layer around the product. The process differs for every type of centre, for instance, due to the difference in shape and the density of the product. Due to their years of experience, our operators know exactly how to achieve the desired result. The chocolate dragées do not get their beautifully shiny appearance automatically either. We add a glazing agent and, in particular, take the time required. Finally, we end up with a dragée which exactly meets the wishes of the customer. Therefore, real traditional skill! And that is what you taste when you put such a crispy and shiny chocolate dragée into your mouth.